The basics.

Geez.  OH geez.  Do you know how much I possibly love my family?  Not like, oh yeah they're cool.... I guess.  More like, holy junk, my family is the bomb. I have been blessed ten fold.  I not only have a beautiful mother who loves unconditionally and a father who I can call my hero, but I have a super extraordinary step-mom, 3 over the top gorgeous sisters, and 2 very protective brothers.  Why? Why does the Lord feel me adequate to have all of these wonderful personalities and people in my little old life?? AGAIN WITH THE QUESTIONS! I love them.  That is the end of the story.  I feel such great love and comfort knowing that I will be with them forever.  Not just until I die but FOREVER.  I just want to scream, OH GEEZ.  It makes me so happy. I don't understand why teenagers find the need to distance themselves from the central, most important thing in life. I guess I choose to be different. Not conform to society.  Yeah. That is me.  I guess I'll just let my light shine!  Life, is brilliant.  Family, is divine.  I, have been spiritually fed.  The Lord is helping me put the pieces of my puzzle together.  Sometimes I question what the heck I'm doing, but it always works.  Trust in Him!  Let Him guide you.  LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! :)

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