YAY for...

...forgetting to blog! I think I want to start something that will entice my cute little spirit to want to blog more. I'm going to give specific days specific topics! :) Future husband Fridays. I'm thinking yes. He should probably know the secrets of my deepest of deep hearts. Or just little things that are really weird and will give me something to write about... Probably the second option.. Hehe. Let the knowledge for eternities begin!

Dear Mr. Hubby Sir,
       Please know that I do love you. Not just a little bit but a whole whole lot. I think about you often and I think the next couple eternities are gonna be... hilarious. :) But, there are some things that you should know about the small child that you are going to call your wife. I don't like roses. Maybe when I'm old and practically dead I will, but for now, not at all. I prefer simpler things: carnations, daisies, calla lilies... you know the cute, bright, fun ones. I don't like to be scared. Not even if you use the line "...I'll hold you until it's over." You'll probably end up with a black eye due to flailing arms and legs and who knows what. That's is all for now. I'm praying for your success and I can't wait to.. squeeze your cute little face off! :) OH! Just a little FYI, when you marry me, you marry my whole family. ALL OF THEM. Which means all of those precious faces up there! Get ready cupcake, our eternities are going to be great <3

That is it for now :) I can't wait for what is to come. It is a great mystery. It's going to be fun. Watch, with me, my pieces fall together into one.