Happiness is just outside my window...

I FORGOT TO DO DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND FRIDAY... TWO FRIDAYS IN A ROW. How sad. I guess I will just have to make up for it by giving an extra long great letter this Friday :) Hoozah! All the way up here in Ohio, due to Papa's stroke, I have come to a great appreciation for love and for happiness and for scriptures and for family and life and ETERNAL COMPANIONS! Yes? I think so, too. Let me begin :)

Dear Lover-Buns,

I love you, a whole stinking lot. Here are some things I hope you have/are great at: I hope you can sing (to me and our 11 kids), I hope you are able to play instruments (preferably the piano, because I love that), I hope you like to smell good (so I will want to snuggle you all day and night), I hope you have a love for quoting silly movies with me (rather than having real conversations), I really really really really hope you are great at pushing me to my ultimate wits end... I want you to know my abilities and my weakness and encourage me to constantly be better (so it may be easier when we are eternally joined at the hip), I hope you love family and want a big one ('cause I think it's obvious this chick over here wants a big ol family), I really hope you listen to the Spirit and act on promptings (even if it may hurt me), I hope you know I am the one when you see me. When you really are searching for me, I hope you find me.  I hope I'm everything you want, need, are searching for, love.. I hope you believe in love at first site, because I sure do.

Did you know that I love cold weather? I want to live in a place where it snows, for at least a year. Then wherever you want to go, I'm there. When we go to get married, no matter how crazy my daddy is, you must ask for my hand; Tell him how much you love me. Tell him how great I am. Tell him what you can provide for me and our family.  Promise him you wont marry 4 other women and move us to a compound in Texas. Tell him how you really hope he comes to see us married off, no matter what religion we may be.

I hope you serve a mission.  I hope you return with honor. I hope you remember the great blessings that you saw and I hope you continue to find fellow brothers and sisters, wherever we may live, to feast upon the blessing of baptism.

When we're old and wrinkly, I want you to write our story down and give it to our grand kids. I want them to know what true love is really like. I want them to know how it hurts to be so in love. :) I want us to be like Noah and Allie from the Notebook. Yes. Let us be in love forever. Maybe when you tell me you love me, I'll tell you a great story. I'll tell you a lovely story of how the Lord blessed me with incredible revelation.  Maybe when you realize, I'll tell you when it was I realized. Yes, future best friend, let's be madly in love :)

My honey bunches, I can't wait until we're best friends! Okay? Okay. :) Until next Friday, I will pray for you and think about you and try to find ways to love you more and more each day! Stay strong and of a good courage!

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