Time is of the essence. It is ticking by at a rate in which I can't decide is one that I like. I don't know whether I want it to hurry up or stay right at the nice pace it's at so I can cherish these fun days that I'm having. La di da da ha! I just don't even know.

In 21 days, I will have waited over 17 months to see what happens with a certain idea, a certain bit of inspiration, a little bit of personal revelation if you must. Yes? I don't know if I'm ready though. I'm not. I know I'm not. 17 months ago I decided I want to be a certain person and act a certain way... 17 months ago I was pleading and begging the Father to let time go by quickly. Now as I sit here, I don't know if I really want this to end. This learning time that I've been experiencing.  I have grown up a whole bunch, my sarcasm is still in it's prime, but am I really prepared to embark on this new journey?

So if the faith that I've been working on these last 17 months lets me down, it will be a really sad day in the wonderful life of me.  However, I don't think that the Lord puts promptings and inspirations into our lives and let's dwell on them if they aren't what we are supposed to know.

Read this. It is in essence, everything that I went through. It is a little piece of something that I have felt and experienced. It is super lovely. I like it a whole bunch. But, man oh man, I am one scared little lady.

The Lord has a plan. A big one. I'm just getting started and I am dang excited. My pieces, oh my pieces, are coming together  :)

Happy Monday!


I don't like being dependant on people, it's not really my style. I don't like people knowing what I really want to do in life, who I want to be, where I want to go, what my life is REALLY like, what I'm REALLY feeling, what my fears are.. I don't like people feeling sorry for me or whatever it is that people do...  It's not like I put on a really big front, just enough to make people not question it too much.. Yes? What I really really really love  is seeing other people be happy and find their happiness and be in love. I could careless when it would happen to me, so I thought...

Maybe something like this ^^ would be super perfect.. But, I can't win ALL the time.
But after watching this, I want to be loved! I want to feel that unconditional happiness that I am always pressuring other people to find. Loser me loser me. Whatever whatever. It will come, right? (Hahahaha, Hannah, you are so so so funny!!)

Future man if you exist,
Hopefully you aren't too perfect as to not be able to relate to me. I like to have pity parties sometimes, sorry. I know their annoying. But, I think, you will eventually get over them. Or maybe when I find you I won't have them anymore... Oh to be me. I hope you are having fun living the dream little husband. Please be able to take criticism with love and be willing to fix it. I will help you. I want to help you always. 
Te amo,
I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Kip to completely relate to my awkward endeavors of being happy. 


I am on a  major pinterest kick. I just cannot stop pinning!! But, I have decided I can relate it to the gospel of Christ :) I am pinning for a reason. Everything happens for a reason, right? Yes. So, when I find those super awesome pins where it tells me how to get the hard water  stains off of my sinkswhere to get super fun fabrics for super fun skirts, or even cute room ideas for my unborn child! Really... There are so many great things on this website. Even those awesome LDS people who want to share their faith by pinning encouraging and uplifting quotes from prophets and apostles! How can I relate this to the gospel? We are sent to this earth to learn and to grow, to follow Christ's teachings and, even so, to be happy.

"Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy." -2 Nephi 2:25

This is joy to my soul. Learning how I can be a better wife, in the future, a better mother, in the future... But, it also teaches me how I can better accomodate my family, right now. In the long run, this Pinterest may seem silly and time consuming and ridiculous. It probably is. But like a lot of things, you can relate it to the gospel someway or somehow. I am learning to be the woman I need to! KABOOM. The gospel is true, the sky is blue and I LOVE IT!

Fairy tales

I am living a dream. A big ol dream. I am becoming who I need to be according to the Father's plan. How WONDERFUL! A fairy tale, modernized, perfect, and made for me. Why oh why am I so blessed?

Meet the freaks

I love my family. A whole stinkin lot. If you haven't realized.. You are ooba ooba cray. So, I want to introduce them to you! All of them. They are so so so much fun!

This is Jim. My girlfriend. My guyfriend. My bestfried. My dadfriend. The greatest guy out there. What a cute cute man he is :)

Well hello Donna! Aren't you so cute. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest lady/mom/bestfriend a girl could ask for. She is my hero. My inspiration. My rock. My inappropriate little horse. <3
And welcome aboard mom number.. TWO! I am the luckiest little girl a girl could dream to be. I have 2 moms. (That cute man, Jim ^^^, remarried when I was a young sprig of 3.) As I grow older, I defintly learn to appreciate this woman, more and more. She is really great :) 
From the marriage which was stated above, I was given two of the cutest older sisters. THE CUTEST! Krysti who is 8 years older than I, took me in, we grew up together, we fell in love, we are inseperable. And with her comes Layla, you'll see her soon. :)

The second sister, who is 7 years older than me, is MANDY! She also comes from the marriage. She is the prettiest girl and full of so much love (you just have to dig to find it). We have the most fun times sitting there giggling about pointless things. Meet her :)

From there on Donna had a courtship with a nice fella and produced two of the cutest little kiddos ever.. And Kim and Jim also had a kid thrown in there. Weird? Yes. Fun? Definitly. Let's see!
Sophia was born a couple months before my 6th birthday. I like her. I act like I don't but I really do love her more than anything in the whole entire universe. I learn from her everyday. I love to embrace her. I love to act like I don't like snuggling, when I really do. She is great. She is one of my best friends. How lucky am I to have this cute lady with me all the time?!
After Sohpia, came Jimi. But that is the one from Kim and Jim. :) He is a spit fire. Full of arrogance and sarcasm. Just like me. SIKE. But really... He is full of funny sayings and innapropriate quotes. Sometimes I think he is an old man put into a little boy's body. Just too good for his own person.

Last, but not last, is John! OH JOHN. He is the most precious tiny little dude. He takes pride in what he does, how he looks and who his friends are. He is a smart boy if he only applies himself, also like me.. WEIRD. Notice a pattern? Never. He always has good phrases like "I need a new tape - up!" "Come here little girl!" "Hello, it's Johnita!" "Look at these kicks." I think he is trying to channel his inner mochalataness.

LAST! Layla. My precious little niece. Krysti had this little girl going on 5 years ago. The cutest lisp mixed with the worst vision makes the best niece ever, especuially when she yells Auntie Nanas! Layla Rose = Love.

Throw in numerous animals some crazy aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins... And, you have my family. We are crazy. Really unorthodox. Probably annoying... Definitly annoying. But we are family. Oh what a happy day! 

Future Husband Fridays.. On Saturday & not published til Sunday..

Dear husband to be for me,

I have been thinking... I can wait for you. Take your time to find me.  But know that I'll prob going to send you a picture like this for your viewing pleasures, of course, when you do decide it's time. SIKE. I'll send anyone pictures of my face so they can bask in my sheer cuteness ;) However, in continuation of the spiritual side, I still hope you are staying worthy and fighting off the evil hands of the adversary. I hope and pray that you are happy with what you are doing in your life.  I hope you are listening to fun music and dancing your little head off, even if you don't know how to "properly" dance. I hope you are furthering your knowledge of things not only gospel related but tangible and of the earth as well. I like to learn, I want you to, too.... Even if it's difficult, you learn to like to learn! (Say that 11 times fast..) I hope that you have an eternal aspect on life and are able to have a firm and steadfast testimony on what is going to come, good or bad.

I hope you take me to concerts often. The atmosphere there is delightful. Preferably to people like that of: The Fray, Imagine DragonsThe Dave Matthews Band, Bobby Long, Natty, One Republic, Coldplay... Just to name a few of the faves. Click them. Listen to them. Love them. Embrace them. Love them like I love... YOU! Oh! Please know that I love to shorten words.. I don't know why. It is rather annoying to people who have to listen to it, and even me saying it is annoying.  I guess it's just a terrible habit. Sorry /:

I hope you love me like I love you. I hope you have been praying for me, like I pray for you. I hope you can see pass my imperfections, flaws and shortening of words to get to know me.  It will be hard. But, I promise, if you take the time, you will learn to love me, at least :)

Love forever and into 5643 eternities,


Inspiration at its finest

I love inspiration. 

"Our Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and will help us as we call upon Him for assistance."
-Thomas S. Monson (CLICK THE NAME!!! READ THE TALK!!!)

He knows us so perfectly. He is aware of our needs. He is aware of the things that are troubling us. He knows what we need to keep us motivated and carrying on.  He knows us PERFECTLY. What the weirdsauce. I love knowing that there is someone that loves me for me... Heavenly Father :) I love knowing that there is inspiration inside of my little brain that was given to me for a specific reason that I just need to be patient with.  It was for a divine purpose. Oh happy day!!

I love knowing that there is a much bigger purpose for my existence on this lovely earth. I love knowing that I have fun secrets in my head that only fun people know about. I love waiting -- Just kidding. I hate waiting. But when the payout is eternities of fun happy joy.. I can wait much longer. I love music that makes the butterflies in your belly go crazy over thinking about someone you love. I love that I got to pick my family, the crazy awkward family that I have. YAY ME! I love that there is the color yellow which makes everyone happy. I love that I can finally say I am happy with where I am in life, it is hard, it is long, it is frustrating, but it is SO worth it. I love knowing that I am barely hitting the good parts.. How happy to know that this is just the beginning.. Hmmm.. I want more pieces of my puzzle! ;)

Love at first song...

This AMAZING boy, is my best friend Steven.  Steven is from Russia where it is deemed appropriate to institutionalize people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. So, his father brought the family to America, where Steven wouldn't have the fate of many before him.  How grateful I am for that, words can't explain! I love this boy so much... And to think our friendship just started... WHAT A HAPPY DAY!! Watch my pieces fit together :)


The little things in life that bring oober amounts of happiness to me...

*Seeing multiple Priesthood holders in one room (Elders at a transfer meeting)
*General Conference (I can turn my papers in... in less than a year, say WHAT?)
*My Momma
*Working cohesively with a group to complete a project (Which we rocked)
*Seeing that cute little man you love right in front of your very own eyes
*Understanding the Lord has a GREAT plan that will EVENTUALLY make sense
*Getting caught up on things that needed to be done months ago
*Being nice to your siblings
*Making money (Even when you deserve much more)
*Deciding whether or not a mission is for me
*Finding articles on the Prophet full of great quotes that make people happy
*The phrase "OH HAPPY DAY!"
*Best Buddies (www.bestbuddies.org)
*My new best friend Steven (Pictures to come)
*Gum when you forget to brush your teeth on a busy morning
*Remembering how much fun it was to blog
*Deciding to blog again
*Clean sheets after a nice hot shower
*Denying the fact that you love snuggle sessions with your sister
*The color yellow
*Hand sanitizer
*The new fall scents that accompany everything during Oct and Nov
*Florida being 60 degrees in October (Even if for only an hour in the morning)
*Imagine Dragons (Search it)

Mmmhm, I am a happy girl. Living the dream is what I would really like to say. It's way really super hard... BUT, I love it more than anything.  I am so blessed :)