Future Husband Fridays.. On Saturday & not published til Sunday..

Dear husband to be for me,

I have been thinking... I can wait for you. Take your time to find me.  But know that I'll prob going to send you a picture like this for your viewing pleasures, of course, when you do decide it's time. SIKE. I'll send anyone pictures of my face so they can bask in my sheer cuteness ;) However, in continuation of the spiritual side, I still hope you are staying worthy and fighting off the evil hands of the adversary. I hope and pray that you are happy with what you are doing in your life.  I hope you are listening to fun music and dancing your little head off, even if you don't know how to "properly" dance. I hope you are furthering your knowledge of things not only gospel related but tangible and of the earth as well. I like to learn, I want you to, too.... Even if it's difficult, you learn to like to learn! (Say that 11 times fast..) I hope that you have an eternal aspect on life and are able to have a firm and steadfast testimony on what is going to come, good or bad.

I hope you take me to concerts often. The atmosphere there is delightful. Preferably to people like that of: The Fray, Imagine DragonsThe Dave Matthews Band, Bobby Long, Natty, One Republic, Coldplay... Just to name a few of the faves. Click them. Listen to them. Love them. Embrace them. Love them like I love... YOU! Oh! Please know that I love to shorten words.. I don't know why. It is rather annoying to people who have to listen to it, and even me saying it is annoying.  I guess it's just a terrible habit. Sorry /:

I hope you love me like I love you. I hope you have been praying for me, like I pray for you. I hope you can see pass my imperfections, flaws and shortening of words to get to know me.  It will be hard. But, I promise, if you take the time, you will learn to love me, at least :)

Love forever and into 5643 eternities,


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