Inspiration at its finest

I love inspiration. 

"Our Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and will help us as we call upon Him for assistance."
-Thomas S. Monson (CLICK THE NAME!!! READ THE TALK!!!)

He knows us so perfectly. He is aware of our needs. He is aware of the things that are troubling us. He knows what we need to keep us motivated and carrying on.  He knows us PERFECTLY. What the weirdsauce. I love knowing that there is someone that loves me for me... Heavenly Father :) I love knowing that there is inspiration inside of my little brain that was given to me for a specific reason that I just need to be patient with.  It was for a divine purpose. Oh happy day!!

I love knowing that there is a much bigger purpose for my existence on this lovely earth. I love knowing that I have fun secrets in my head that only fun people know about. I love waiting -- Just kidding. I hate waiting. But when the payout is eternities of fun happy joy.. I can wait much longer. I love music that makes the butterflies in your belly go crazy over thinking about someone you love. I love that I got to pick my family, the crazy awkward family that I have. YAY ME! I love that there is the color yellow which makes everyone happy. I love that I can finally say I am happy with where I am in life, it is hard, it is long, it is frustrating, but it is SO worth it. I love knowing that I am barely hitting the good parts.. How happy to know that this is just the beginning.. Hmmm.. I want more pieces of my puzzle! ;)

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