The little things in life that bring oober amounts of happiness to me...

*Seeing multiple Priesthood holders in one room (Elders at a transfer meeting)
*General Conference (I can turn my papers in... in less than a year, say WHAT?)
*My Momma
*Working cohesively with a group to complete a project (Which we rocked)
*Seeing that cute little man you love right in front of your very own eyes
*Understanding the Lord has a GREAT plan that will EVENTUALLY make sense
*Getting caught up on things that needed to be done months ago
*Being nice to your siblings
*Making money (Even when you deserve much more)
*Deciding whether or not a mission is for me
*Finding articles on the Prophet full of great quotes that make people happy
*The phrase "OH HAPPY DAY!"
*Best Buddies (
*My new best friend Steven (Pictures to come)
*Gum when you forget to brush your teeth on a busy morning
*Remembering how much fun it was to blog
*Deciding to blog again
*Clean sheets after a nice hot shower
*Denying the fact that you love snuggle sessions with your sister
*The color yellow
*Hand sanitizer
*The new fall scents that accompany everything during Oct and Nov
*Florida being 60 degrees in October (Even if for only an hour in the morning)
*Imagine Dragons (Search it)

Mmmhm, I am a happy girl. Living the dream is what I would really like to say. It's way really super hard... BUT, I love it more than anything.  I am so blessed :)

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