Meet the freaks

I love my family. A whole stinkin lot. If you haven't realized.. You are ooba ooba cray. So, I want to introduce them to you! All of them. They are so so so much fun!

This is Jim. My girlfriend. My guyfriend. My bestfried. My dadfriend. The greatest guy out there. What a cute cute man he is :)

Well hello Donna! Aren't you so cute. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest lady/mom/bestfriend a girl could ask for. She is my hero. My inspiration. My rock. My inappropriate little horse. <3
And welcome aboard mom number.. TWO! I am the luckiest little girl a girl could dream to be. I have 2 moms. (That cute man, Jim ^^^, remarried when I was a young sprig of 3.) As I grow older, I defintly learn to appreciate this woman, more and more. She is really great :) 
From the marriage which was stated above, I was given two of the cutest older sisters. THE CUTEST! Krysti who is 8 years older than I, took me in, we grew up together, we fell in love, we are inseperable. And with her comes Layla, you'll see her soon. :)

The second sister, who is 7 years older than me, is MANDY! She also comes from the marriage. She is the prettiest girl and full of so much love (you just have to dig to find it). We have the most fun times sitting there giggling about pointless things. Meet her :)

From there on Donna had a courtship with a nice fella and produced two of the cutest little kiddos ever.. And Kim and Jim also had a kid thrown in there. Weird? Yes. Fun? Definitly. Let's see!
Sophia was born a couple months before my 6th birthday. I like her. I act like I don't but I really do love her more than anything in the whole entire universe. I learn from her everyday. I love to embrace her. I love to act like I don't like snuggling, when I really do. She is great. She is one of my best friends. How lucky am I to have this cute lady with me all the time?!
After Sohpia, came Jimi. But that is the one from Kim and Jim. :) He is a spit fire. Full of arrogance and sarcasm. Just like me. SIKE. But really... He is full of funny sayings and innapropriate quotes. Sometimes I think he is an old man put into a little boy's body. Just too good for his own person.

Last, but not last, is John! OH JOHN. He is the most precious tiny little dude. He takes pride in what he does, how he looks and who his friends are. He is a smart boy if he only applies himself, also like me.. WEIRD. Notice a pattern? Never. He always has good phrases like "I need a new tape - up!" "Come here little girl!" "Hello, it's Johnita!" "Look at these kicks." I think he is trying to channel his inner mochalataness.

LAST! Layla. My precious little niece. Krysti had this little girl going on 5 years ago. The cutest lisp mixed with the worst vision makes the best niece ever, especuially when she yells Auntie Nanas! Layla Rose = Love.

Throw in numerous animals some crazy aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins... And, you have my family. We are crazy. Really unorthodox. Probably annoying... Definitly annoying. But we are family. Oh what a happy day! 

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