Time is of the essence. It is ticking by at a rate in which I can't decide is one that I like. I don't know whether I want it to hurry up or stay right at the nice pace it's at so I can cherish these fun days that I'm having. La di da da ha! I just don't even know.

In 21 days, I will have waited over 17 months to see what happens with a certain idea, a certain bit of inspiration, a little bit of personal revelation if you must. Yes? I don't know if I'm ready though. I'm not. I know I'm not. 17 months ago I decided I want to be a certain person and act a certain way... 17 months ago I was pleading and begging the Father to let time go by quickly. Now as I sit here, I don't know if I really want this to end. This learning time that I've been experiencing.  I have grown up a whole bunch, my sarcasm is still in it's prime, but am I really prepared to embark on this new journey?

So if the faith that I've been working on these last 17 months lets me down, it will be a really sad day in the wonderful life of me.  However, I don't think that the Lord puts promptings and inspirations into our lives and let's dwell on them if they aren't what we are supposed to know.

Read this. It is in essence, everything that I went through. It is a little piece of something that I have felt and experienced. It is super lovely. I like it a whole bunch. But, man oh man, I am one scared little lady.

The Lord has a plan. A big one. I'm just getting started and I am dang excited. My pieces, oh my pieces, are coming together  :)

Happy Monday!

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