It will be a simple Future Husband Friday, husband. You just click the play button. And just listen to the sweet sounds serenade your ears. If you've already listened to it? Listen again. I want this with YOU! I want to love you for-ev-er :)

Lots and lots and lots of hugs,

glücklich, heureux, hạnh phúc

Want to know what those lovely pieces of spellings are? Only my very favorite of all favorite words..

Being in November, the month of happy thanks, I feel it only necessary to tell of the great things that make me oodles and oodles amounts of happy. It wont be all of the marvelous things that cause my bosom to burn, my face to smile and my heart to sing but you'll get the idea.
God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Atonement, Scriptures, the best of friends, the ability to love and be loved, recognizing when you are wrong, long long LONG phone call conversations, sleeping, driving, watching the river at sunset, riding the Sky Way, butterfly kisses, the TEMPLE, hand holding, listening to other languages, Nerf gun wars, letter writing, picture texting wars, saving money, getting organized, doing work, reading good books, listening to fun music, checking out people not just for their looks, falling in love...

I like it. I like it a whole bucket ton. I like taking the time to recognize what in life is good. These are good things. These are things of Christ, given to me, for my happiness. I am too blessed beyond comprehension .
My pieces are happily coming together. HOORAH FOR ISRAEL! :)


If you know anything about everything, you know that happy is my word. Helen Keller here perfectly describes it. What I think. How I feel. What I want the world to know. 
How beautifully put.
I have been given SO MUCH! Literally, so much. I am one super blessed young lady. I am finally getting to the point of recognizing it. Realizing how great my life is. Realizing how fun it is to be Hannah. Considering just focusing on the here and now while maintaining my great eternal perspective. Yes yes yes. I think yes.
Because I have been given much, I too must give.
Because of thy great bounty, Lord each day I live.
I shall divide my gifts from thee with every brother that I see,
who has the need of help from me.
What will I give you? This advice:

Just be happy.

On the real --

-- I like romance.

Romance (n.): A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.
Romance (v.): To seek the attention or patronage of (someone), esp. by use of flattery

Sign me up, please!  All of the above. On a silver platter. With pretty flowers in his hands.


Roughly 6'2+, lots of freckles, a returned missionary, loves his momma...


A solid testimony, has a love for the gospel of Jesus Christ and finds pleasure in serving others.

Any of the about would do just fine, thank you. Heck, all of the above would be most GREAT.

On the real, a dear dear obsession of mine is piano. No, I can't play. But man I can listen really good. 

Happy Saturday to YOU! 

Another day is paradise.

What scares me? Oh I will tell you. I hate being annoying. If I'm being annoying, then tell me, don't let me sit here wondering whether or not you hate me or not! On the real. If you even remotely care about me, you will tell me :) I will have 6754 times more respect for you.

A happy day to me. I like being me. I'm a fun me. I am glad I'm me. Heavenly Father made me as perfect as He needed me. I am a product of a beautiful man. My Father in Heaven. I am so so so happy to be able to fulfill the things that I need to while I'm here. If I have to do then on my own. It's okay, I can do it. I have done it thus far :) GO ME!

Leading me into the next great thing :)

Today, I drove all the way from duh skraight up 9OH4 all the way to the beautiful West Palm Beach. 4 hours South. It makes my face and heart and mouth an happy. I have one of the greatest families a little old lady like me could have! But, I am the only person besides maybe Honey  the dog, that has even the slightest remote sense of morals or standards. Yeah, that makes me sad. Whatevs. It happens. You meet people everywhere that don't like you. It's a beautiful part of the plan.

I'm doing what I need to. That is the beautiful comfort that comes to me. I am learning. I am growing. I am being refined. I am going to get married in the temple. I am going to raise children in the gospel. I will maintain my standards. I will forever worship my God. I will be me. That is comforting. No matter how many times I have to sit here and try to explain why I will marry in the temple or why I won't give my precious little dad the privalege of giving me away. It's okay. I know for a fact that I am doing what is right :)

Mmmmm oh the sweet pieces of my puzzles! Happy day to you.

As a nice Thanksgiving Eve present, an instigram display of my life!

Best Fran

  • I took a 3 hour nap
  • I turned in multiple assignments for a class
  • I got to see one of my very favorite young ladies
  • I got to talk to another one of my very favorite young ladies about her endeavors of talking to one my very favorite young man (they are going to make a cute couple one day..)
  • I mailed a fun package to a favorite boy in a fun state that I wish was my state (one day you watch out, I'm gonna rule that town...)
  • I found out that another ladyfriend who is full of a cute face bought her wedding dress (it's adorbs)
  • I realized why I love music
  • I creeped so hard on some people
  • I read some good talks
  • I read a breakup via email (sad day for you friend)
  • I hugged my momma
  • Steven grabbed me and gave me sweet lovin

Today, has been a wonderful of all wonderful days. Tomorrow, I promise myself, will be even better. I HOPE :)

Oh. And finding pictures like this would make anyone happy. That cute boy is my favorite, if you are single and ready to mingle with this hot boy: holla at me ;) and that cute girl is just too precious already getting married to the very best man every made for her. YAY AMY!! All of us together make a nice big happy family. Full of... Cute faces and loving sarcasm and good smells.

December 2010
PS: I have a nasty zit on my face.
PSS: The tan line from my ring makes me happy
PSSS: I can't wait for Thanksgiving to be with my families family all the way in paradise ;)



This here beautiful Sabbath day is my favorite.
David A. Bednar -- Patterns of Light: Spirit of Revelation

That ^^^ is one of the great reasons why.  Whatever happens in this most extravagant life, whether is be from my mind or the Lord's, I have to go get it. I have to try. I have to go and see whose mind it was exactly from.  Why is this amazing? Because, Heavenly Father will bless us with the great answers we are seeking after. Whether they are right now or 10 years from now, he will perform :)

I like my life a lot right this second. It is a fun one. Full of great surprises.

I am learning to embrace my very impulsive attitude and behaviors...  No matter how annoying they are.

This is a happy happy day :)

It's a shame

  • It's a shame how mean I really am. I just can't get over my absurdly large amounts of mean manners. I could just go kill a civilization with my bitter harsh attitude. One day I hope I can be as Christ was. Full of love and the ability to be kind and well mannered.
  • It's a shame that I don't have guard up about anything. I just go with it. I don't stop myself so I always get hurt.
  • I hate how I don't like letting people get to know me.. You would think because I don't have guards about, I would be more willing to let people get to know me. NO.
  • I am scared of the future.
  • I hate getting my hopes up to eventually get shot down.
  • I hate being scared.
  • I hate admitting when I'm wrong.
  • I hate saying things that I know I will regret later.
  • I hate second guessing things.
  • I hate feeling vulnerable.
  • I hate hate hate that I hate so much.

I am scared. I don't know what I'm doing. Nor, what I am going to do. I need to have a guard up. I need to understand that I am doing what I think is best for me.

Letter to myself,

Don't be scared. You are great. I love you :)



I wanna wrap you up
Wanna kiss your lips
I wanna make you feel wanted
I wanna call you mine
Wanna hold your hand forever
And never let you forget it
Yeah I, wanna make you feel wanted
Hunter Hayes: Wanted
Thank you Hunter Hayes for making me fall in love all over again. Fall in love with whom, you ask? OH YOU KNOW. That hunk of cute boy (MAN) I get the great privilege of marrying for time and millions and millions of eternities ;)
In the past few couple weeks, because I am a slacker of extreme proportions, have been delicious and lovely and just GREAT. Oh let me tell you.
1) Steven got pink eye.
2) I saw Breaking Dawn Part II
3) More than 3 contacts with Mandy and Krysti? Score.
4) Got capped in the socratic seminar
5) Got picked up by one gentleman at McDonalds (I got invited to his birthday party that weekend) and then again by another man at the gas station (He was 41, lived on the river, drove a brand new Tahoe, had an IPhone 5, and he wanted to get with all this lovin... What was I thinking?! GET IT!) and then finally by the gas station worker...
6) President Barry asked me information about his missionaries because I know more than him? Silly man.
7) I walked in on Kev going to the bathroom, I can't say I didn't thoroughly enjoy that one.
8) Yet another great Best Buddy activity.
9) I have procrastinated SO MUCH school work
10) I received ever more great revelation of blessings to come.
Here it goes. And, it's going to be extra good since I missed a week.
Best Friend,
Hi. You are cute. I think, I know.. :)
I have a testimony that is fiery and full of passion. I want you to have that same exact passion and desire to do good always!
I want you to know something secrety. I have a past. A nasty one. With lots of mistakes. Lots of inappropriate behaviors, might I add. But I have repented. Because of the great work of the Lord and the beautiful Atonement, I am as clean as a whistle. Ready and willing to get to work. Meaning, marry your priesthood in the temple. I am ready... Just give me the 7 months to get out of high school ;)
I love to be sarcastic. It gets me into trouble in more ways than you could ever imagine. But it's what I do. It's an action word for me. Just like run, jump, hop, skip, sleep and eat. Sarcastic is right in there snuggled so nicely with them. Please be able to take a joke.
Secrets. I love them. I love the idea of them. I love the purpose of them. They are great. I am full of secrets. And if I don't know one for you, I'll just make it up! Just kidding, that would be lying. But on the real, I love to have things between two people that only those two people know. Ya dig?

I hate Root beer and Cream Soda. Also: birthday cake icing (someofthem),  ravioli, peanut butter and jelly, cheese (incertainsituations), celery, onions, tomatoes, walnuts, fish of the nasty sort, eggnog, chili... It is way oober weird.
I like to smell delicious. With tons of differnt perfumes mixed with my already delcious scent... It might be the exact way to my heart... In case you are wondering: Betsy Johnson, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and maybe even some Juicy all have what I'm looking for! You can click those big boys and just give them right to me ;)  
I like freckles. Man. They are my favorite. If you don't have any, go grow some! And then toss them my way. I have like 3... My favorite one is on my right hand in between my ring finger and pinkie. It is adorbs.
The color yellow. It makes my face just so happy and smiley. Happiness. That is yellow. That is me :) I love the word happy. Almost as much as I love the word love.
I love you too much already. I can't wait to tell you :)
Your best friend,