Another day is paradise.

What scares me? Oh I will tell you. I hate being annoying. If I'm being annoying, then tell me, don't let me sit here wondering whether or not you hate me or not! On the real. If you even remotely care about me, you will tell me :) I will have 6754 times more respect for you.

A happy day to me. I like being me. I'm a fun me. I am glad I'm me. Heavenly Father made me as perfect as He needed me. I am a product of a beautiful man. My Father in Heaven. I am so so so happy to be able to fulfill the things that I need to while I'm here. If I have to do then on my own. It's okay, I can do it. I have done it thus far :) GO ME!

Leading me into the next great thing :)

Today, I drove all the way from duh skraight up 9OH4 all the way to the beautiful West Palm Beach. 4 hours South. It makes my face and heart and mouth an happy. I have one of the greatest families a little old lady like me could have! But, I am the only person besides maybe Honey  the dog, that has even the slightest remote sense of morals or standards. Yeah, that makes me sad. Whatevs. It happens. You meet people everywhere that don't like you. It's a beautiful part of the plan.

I'm doing what I need to. That is the beautiful comfort that comes to me. I am learning. I am growing. I am being refined. I am going to get married in the temple. I am going to raise children in the gospel. I will maintain my standards. I will forever worship my God. I will be me. That is comforting. No matter how many times I have to sit here and try to explain why I will marry in the temple or why I won't give my precious little dad the privalege of giving me away. It's okay. I know for a fact that I am doing what is right :)

Mmmmm oh the sweet pieces of my puzzles! Happy day to you.

As a nice Thanksgiving Eve present, an instigram display of my life!

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