Best Fran

  • I took a 3 hour nap
  • I turned in multiple assignments for a class
  • I got to see one of my very favorite young ladies
  • I got to talk to another one of my very favorite young ladies about her endeavors of talking to one my very favorite young man (they are going to make a cute couple one day..)
  • I mailed a fun package to a favorite boy in a fun state that I wish was my state (one day you watch out, I'm gonna rule that town...)
  • I found out that another ladyfriend who is full of a cute face bought her wedding dress (it's adorbs)
  • I realized why I love music
  • I creeped so hard on some people
  • I read some good talks
  • I read a breakup via email (sad day for you friend)
  • I hugged my momma
  • Steven grabbed me and gave me sweet lovin

Today, has been a wonderful of all wonderful days. Tomorrow, I promise myself, will be even better. I HOPE :)

Oh. And finding pictures like this would make anyone happy. That cute boy is my favorite, if you are single and ready to mingle with this hot boy: holla at me ;) and that cute girl is just too precious already getting married to the very best man every made for her. YAY AMY!! All of us together make a nice big happy family. Full of... Cute faces and loving sarcasm and good smells.

December 2010
PS: I have a nasty zit on my face.
PSS: The tan line from my ring makes me happy
PSSS: I can't wait for Thanksgiving to be with my families family all the way in paradise ;)


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