glücklich, heureux, hạnh phúc

Want to know what those lovely pieces of spellings are? Only my very favorite of all favorite words..

Being in November, the month of happy thanks, I feel it only necessary to tell of the great things that make me oodles and oodles amounts of happy. It wont be all of the marvelous things that cause my bosom to burn, my face to smile and my heart to sing but you'll get the idea.
God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Atonement, Scriptures, the best of friends, the ability to love and be loved, recognizing when you are wrong, long long LONG phone call conversations, sleeping, driving, watching the river at sunset, riding the Sky Way, butterfly kisses, the TEMPLE, hand holding, listening to other languages, Nerf gun wars, letter writing, picture texting wars, saving money, getting organized, doing work, reading good books, listening to fun music, checking out people not just for their looks, falling in love...

I like it. I like it a whole bucket ton. I like taking the time to recognize what in life is good. These are good things. These are things of Christ, given to me, for my happiness. I am too blessed beyond comprehension .
My pieces are happily coming together. HOORAH FOR ISRAEL! :)

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