Pickles in Pajamas

When I was a weelad, many moons ago, every login name that I could ever dream to have was in fact, Pickles in Pajamas. Now. Sitting here. I'm trying to figure out why on earth of all the great things out there, I would choose that. Yeah. I was one... Cool kid.

Future Husband Friday -- Black Friday Edition

Dear Poohbear,

Black Friday is not really my most favorite of all favorite days. Maybe when we have 6 of the cutest children in the world, it will become my best friend, but for right now... I am fine :)

Send me away to the temple. Come along with me. Please take me to the temple often. I love it this much, and I have barely scratched the surface. Please please please... That is one of the only things I will ask, in all seriousness, that you do. And for that, I will love you forever.

I think I said something a long while back but I'll say it again. I want a very large family. Not one of the two kids hit it and quit it.. No no no. I want the big happy Italian, even if we aren't Italian, family. Yes? Okay good.

I like dates. Dates are fun. Make it a priority to take me on dates. HECK! Kill two birds with one stone and take me on dates to the temple. Oh yeah. That, my little ecompy, is the dream life. But I do like movies and all the other fun stuff, too. ;)

Dogs are fun. Let's have some dogs. Sound good? Okay, good.

I have like... 15 grandparents. No joke. Isn't that exciting? I like it. I like it a lot.

 I have a fun story for you when your ready to hear it. It's a modern day fairy tale. In the form of personal revelation. With two people. Named Me and You. Ask me about it. I haven't decided if I'm  just goin to come out and tell you or wait until you have decided you want ME! No matter when it comes that we are sealed for millions of eternities, I will cherish the beautiful knowledge I know and I will pray for you always. 

I don't think you know how much I really do love you. It's a whole stonkin lot. And please please PLEASE know I am excited for the future, especially with you :)



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