Pure Utter Happiness

I was like whoa, hey there, what are you doing? Creeping up on me like a little ant on a log.. Silly tears! GO AWAY! Sometimes I just can't help it.. It happens. Yes? YES.

I was just so full of such a supreme happiness and joy that it just started flooding out of me like the lava in your volcano.  Pure utter happiness. Between the beautiful perfect kids I work with and their crazy antics and disabilities or the happy face a grandma makes when you surprise her at school or the dad that talks about how proud he is of you or the delicious music that plays through the radio or personal revelation or prayer or spaghetti tacos or missionaries or grocery stores or 2 foot long twizzlers or explaining your future husband story to a cute girl or bonding with the gas station man.. ALL in one little day. A very happy day in a very happy girls life :)

But what would make this an even more happy day?! FUTURE HUSBAND FRIDAY!!

Dear happy boytoy,

Hey bubbers. I want to tell you something great. Really great. Really really really great. To me ;) My heart is taken. By a group of kids. In self contained classrooms. With funny habits. And happy faces. They will blow my phone up too much, they will tell me they love me too much, they will stare at places they aren't supposed to too much, they will burp too much, they will make you laugh way too much, but they are perfect. I will never leave them. Sorry, but you might have to fight for my attention every once in a while!

But on a happy note, I want you to know a funny funny funny fact about yours truly. I. Love. Taking. Pictures. Not of great things that are worth documenting... But of stupid trivial things that are weird.  Here is a little snippet of my phone... Hehehehe ;)

My boos: Capua, Surtees and Johnson

He smiles in his sleep... Puh-reshis.

Steven, my main man :)

My Mi Mi!

Silly missionaries...

I might be obsessed in a stalkerish way to these cute boys... Nah...

Do you really really love these? Oh yes. ME TOO! I love you. A lot. I've been thinking of you a lot lately. Please know that. I am hoping that you are super happy and can feel my prayers.

Forever and always,

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