Ra ra ra ra ra rewind

In the past days in which I have not been gracing this beautiful blog with my beautiful writings, I have been in the process of being refined. Refined by the wonderful refiners fire. The wonderful process of repenting and seeking after our Father in Heaven's beautiful spirit.

Yep. It may come as a great big shock to you... But, I am not as perfect and brilliant as you may think.  I struggle with many things. I have to repent daily. I have to seek after the spirit constantly. I have to fight back the many attacks that Satan wants to bring unto me. It's hard. But, I love it.

In the past week...

I have seen one of my very of all very favorite friends

I have made some new friends

I got paid to drive to a resort, which was my choice, and drive my friends around for the weekend

I was blessed with the opportunity to sit on temple grounds and ponder life

I talked to my missionary

I received confirmation that my family will be together forever

I drew closer to my Father in Heaven not only with my mouth but with my heart

I walked Downtown Disney with the cutest group of boys and girls

I got a letter from the cutest Chilean man I ever did lay my eyes on

I got a front row parking spot in a COMPLETELY FULL parking lot.... NO EXAGGERATIONS

I bought myself a Christmas present that consisted of autographed One Direction cups

I didn't take a shower for two days

I bonded with the unbondable

I stayed up until 3 AM talking about everything and Africa

I got to snuggle with one of the cutest of all cute young boys named Lou

Man. My life is brilliant.

The nice friend

We photoshoot on the bus

The cutest of cute

Momma and 17 pillow pets? Precious.


My faith is bigger than my trial.

Cotton Candy?

Steffy Steph.

Oh what a beauty.

I rock the sumo.

Late night at Wally.
I like this life. I like this place. I like these people.
PS: Future husband Tuesday -- I just love you.

On the real: DUMBO

You know Dasher and Dancer And Prancer and Vixen,
Comet and Cupid And Donner and Blitzen.
But do you recall The most famous reindeer of all?

Dumbo the idiot boy reindeer.

Don't act like you don't have one of those in your life.

I sure do. I have multiple.
Just a heads up fellas. Not a soul likes Dumbo the idiot boy reindeer.

This is my contribution to the Holiday spirit. ;)
In the wonderfully sarcastic spirit of my heart.

On the real. I love christmas. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love my Savior. I love the spirit that comes from giving. I love the feeling of being loved and giving my love to others.

I love watching my pieces fall into place... Almost as much as I love these three men :)  


Once upon a time, in a far far way land by the name of Florida, lived a young lady named Hannah. She was a wild one. Not a little kooky like Dr. Phil... More along the lines of Mrs. Hanegan from Annie. Ya know, one of those.

That would be a great story. Yes? Yes. One day I'll finish it.

Future husband Sunday.

Dear ying to my yang,

I would like to tell you a few little peeves that really pet my dislike button.

I don't like people who refuse to brush their teeth. Really? Heck no. Brush those teeth.

I really abhor when I have to shave. I do it... enough. But man. Def hitting of the dislike button when I have to start doing yoga in the shower..

I really don't like when people try to snuggle me when I'm not in a snuggly mood. Except you. You can snuggle me all night long. 

I don't like when people lower their standards to merely fit in with a crowd. Not really my style. Ya dig? Dig.

I don't like when people don't text back. Unless, of course, it's me. If I don't text back... It's for a reason.

I don't like when people embarrass you in public. Why should people do that? Guh- ross.

I hate people who don't tell you what they mean. Don't beat around the stupid fake metaphorical bush that isn't there. Real talk ninja.

Liars need to be punished in the depths of sad days. End of that story.

Oh hubby bubby lubby gubby. I lovey you. Get to know me. Date me. :)

That is all.

Until 5 days,


PS: I LOVE GLITTER. Let's bathe in it. Oh yum.

Meaningful Pursuit

I am on a meaningful pursuit for great happiness.
Though you may not understand my motives...
You may not understand me, for that matter.
But, it is what I do.
I want to express the woes of my heart to you.
I want to tell you how much I love you.
I want to not be annoying.
I want to deny what I know.
I want to deny what I feel.
I want to know what to do.
I want to understand what you don't see in me.
I want to be good enough... better than I once was.
I want to be happy.
I want YOU to be happy.
Mmmm. Yes. Yes. Yes.


Who has the uncanny ability to:

  1. Not answer 25 questions on a 45 question test
  2. Write a 2 month long research essay in 12 hours
  3. Make a new best friend in 3 hours
  4. Fall asleep and still be stressed
  5. Make an arm hurt while merely talking on the phone
  6. Be Rudolph the red zit reindeer for over 3 weeks because they can't keep their hands off of their face
  7. Shower and still have oily hair, 10 minutes later
  8. See a car accident and still freak out for the people even when they are all perfectly fine
  9. Miss phone calls when phone is right in front of the face
  10. Be a little babe in the big scheme of things and still roll with the big dawgs?
Oh. Yeah. That's right.
I am destruction. Catch me on a good day and I'm a spiritual giant full of happy faces and fun tender mercies and love to fill the whole continent of Antarctica. Catch me on a bad day? You get me sulking about my awesome abilities to be a loser. Whatevsauce, right? It happens.
Welcome to the other half of the good life of, yours truly.
I'm the only gay eskimo in my tribe.