Who has the uncanny ability to:

  1. Not answer 25 questions on a 45 question test
  2. Write a 2 month long research essay in 12 hours
  3. Make a new best friend in 3 hours
  4. Fall asleep and still be stressed
  5. Make an arm hurt while merely talking on the phone
  6. Be Rudolph the red zit reindeer for over 3 weeks because they can't keep their hands off of their face
  7. Shower and still have oily hair, 10 minutes later
  8. See a car accident and still freak out for the people even when they are all perfectly fine
  9. Miss phone calls when phone is right in front of the face
  10. Be a little babe in the big scheme of things and still roll with the big dawgs?
Oh. Yeah. That's right.
I am destruction. Catch me on a good day and I'm a spiritual giant full of happy faces and fun tender mercies and love to fill the whole continent of Antarctica. Catch me on a bad day? You get me sulking about my awesome abilities to be a loser. Whatevsauce, right? It happens.
Welcome to the other half of the good life of, yours truly.
I'm the only gay eskimo in my tribe.

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