Once upon a time, in a far far way land by the name of Florida, lived a young lady named Hannah. She was a wild one. Not a little kooky like Dr. Phil... More along the lines of Mrs. Hanegan from Annie. Ya know, one of those.

That would be a great story. Yes? Yes. One day I'll finish it.

Future husband Sunday.

Dear ying to my yang,

I would like to tell you a few little peeves that really pet my dislike button.

I don't like people who refuse to brush their teeth. Really? Heck no. Brush those teeth.

I really abhor when I have to shave. I do it... enough. But man. Def hitting of the dislike button when I have to start doing yoga in the shower..

I really don't like when people try to snuggle me when I'm not in a snuggly mood. Except you. You can snuggle me all night long. 

I don't like when people lower their standards to merely fit in with a crowd. Not really my style. Ya dig? Dig.

I don't like when people don't text back. Unless, of course, it's me. If I don't text back... It's for a reason.

I don't like when people embarrass you in public. Why should people do that? Guh- ross.

I hate people who don't tell you what they mean. Don't beat around the stupid fake metaphorical bush that isn't there. Real talk ninja.

Liars need to be punished in the depths of sad days. End of that story.

Oh hubby bubby lubby gubby. I lovey you. Get to know me. Date me. :)

That is all.

Until 5 days,


PS: I LOVE GLITTER. Let's bathe in it. Oh yum.

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