Ra ra ra ra ra rewind

In the past days in which I have not been gracing this beautiful blog with my beautiful writings, I have been in the process of being refined. Refined by the wonderful refiners fire. The wonderful process of repenting and seeking after our Father in Heaven's beautiful spirit.

Yep. It may come as a great big shock to you... But, I am not as perfect and brilliant as you may think.  I struggle with many things. I have to repent daily. I have to seek after the spirit constantly. I have to fight back the many attacks that Satan wants to bring unto me. It's hard. But, I love it.

In the past week...

I have seen one of my very of all very favorite friends

I have made some new friends

I got paid to drive to a resort, which was my choice, and drive my friends around for the weekend

I was blessed with the opportunity to sit on temple grounds and ponder life

I talked to my missionary

I received confirmation that my family will be together forever

I drew closer to my Father in Heaven not only with my mouth but with my heart

I walked Downtown Disney with the cutest group of boys and girls

I got a letter from the cutest Chilean man I ever did lay my eyes on

I got a front row parking spot in a COMPLETELY FULL parking lot.... NO EXAGGERATIONS

I bought myself a Christmas present that consisted of autographed One Direction cups

I didn't take a shower for two days

I bonded with the unbondable

I stayed up until 3 AM talking about everything and Africa

I got to snuggle with one of the cutest of all cute young boys named Lou

Man. My life is brilliant.

The nice friend

We photoshoot on the bus

The cutest of cute

Momma and 17 pillow pets? Precious.


My faith is bigger than my trial.

Cotton Candy?

Steffy Steph.

Oh what a beauty.

I rock the sumo.

Late night at Wally.
I like this life. I like this place. I like these people.
PS: Future husband Tuesday -- I just love you.

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