Babies Bum

My little babe of  a sister, Sophia, is 13. She has pretty cray cray skin. It's dry and oily and acne-ish and big pored and looks major not lovely. She has been bouncing back and forth with face cleansers her whole life.... or like 2 years. But, she just bought Proactiv. Me, being the super fantastic older sister I am, decided it was time for her to share. Thus, tonight, I tried Proactiv. My face feels silky smooth. Like a babies bottom. But, who knows what will happen tomorrow... 

Here is to SUPER FANTASTIC experiences!!

Breakfast dates to say good bye to best friends? I LOVE KEV.
New face wash, shampoo & conditioner -- YUM
Sweet Frog FroYo dates with Haylee Grace
Buying new mascara -- BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF
New body pillows -- WITH A YELLOW CASE
Cockroaches climbing up your shirt (i h8 lyfe) 
Instrumental music... mainly piano --THE PIANO GUYS
Other people's happiness
Being scared of the dark -- NOT BEING ABLE TO GET CEREAL

breaking hearts? yeah. i do. 

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