HaTeRs GuNnA HaTe

Let us revisit a favorite past time, shall we? We shall..


But, lets change it up, a lot.

Future Husband Tuesday. Because, I freakin' can.


Hey boo hey. Recent events have lead me to think about you a whole bunch... So let's list them, yeah? YEAH.

  • Haylee's journal that she started when Josh went on his mission... She just writes to him. And she plans on giving it to him the day they wed... Swoon.
  • Choice people telling me that I am worth it.
  • Prayers being answered. Now I'm not thinking about dumb boys who mean nothing.
  • Plans changing.
  • A new love for Australian accents... Have one. 
  • Hot make-out sessions with boys who only want you for hot make-out sessions.. Gross.
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
I can't lie.. I think about life with YOU all of the time.. But I don't think of you, per se. I think of the woman I want to be when I'm with you. Cheesy? That is perfectly okay.

I want to be my very best self for you.
That's why all of those things up there ^^ really put a damper into plans. But I want to wait. I want to wait until I am my best self to be that person for you. 

Eu te amo,

I like pretty things :) 

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