"I'm like super good at bikini car washes…"

3 months without blogging… what? Not me.

I don't know how to balance time. AT ALL. I like to procrastinate. It's in my top 5 favorite things in life. I should probably work on that. Then I'm like…. Better not. 

Let's get a little run down of the last 3 months, shall we? We shall.

Oh… you don't want to read? Good, I didn't want to type. Let's just look at pictures ;) ;) 

We are best friends… Because she is a unicorn. 

Maybe one day she will learn to like me. 
Until then, I love her. A LOT.

Awkward missionaries. Where is her tag… Maybe this is a sign. HA! 

My hobbies are selfieing and… that is it.

I got my eyeballs dilated! And my eyebrows are looking GOOOOOD! 

The baby wanted me to pluck his eyebrows. A boy after my own heart.

Apples to Apples with the fam bam

She is just too precious. "Chocit milk?"

I drove the bus to Wal-Mart and told everyone these were all my kids. 
They believed me. 

Double dates? The beach? Cute boys? A pageant queen? Happy girl.

"I've got my eye on you…."

Does is get any better than cute brothers?

Cookie likes nuts, fruit and vegetables. She also oinks.

Miley grew eyebrows.

Papa Daddy like to shave Jimi's head… I just get in trouble for laughing.

Selfie? Whaaaaaa?

She'll be here for Christmas? BE STILL MY SOUL!!!!

I got my eyebrows threaded… You need to.

I mail packages to Montana. I love missionaries. I love Jordan.

I have a best friend and I love her. 

Baby Rayna is an active participant in Noshavevember.

The sweetest of people that we met at the Macklemore concert. 
Seriously… THE BEST. 

I asked him to take a normal picture… RIGHHHHHT..

"Hellllo ladies ;)"

She is the sweetest most loving little lady in the whole big world.

We are practically twins. Can you tell? 

If you need top notch child care, I'm obviously not your girl. But, hey… 
the other kids dig me cause they aren't the ones in the cage! HA! 

PS-- she locked herself in the cage. 

This is his "It was me! I salted his hair!!" face. It's a good one, huh? 

It is November. The month of Thanksgiving. The month where I post something on the book of faces everyday… But, I haven't. That doesn't mean I am not grateful it means I am more occupied spending time on things that I love. 

This blog is my favorite. It may be small and not full of fun posts but it is a record of all things that are Hannah. It is mine. I look back and read things from months ago and realize how blessed I really am. I can't even comprehend how blessed I am. I feel that at 18 years old I am starting to get things figured out. I am starting to understand what my greater purpose here on this beautiful earth is. 

My mindset will probably change next week; but, for now, this is what I love. Those sweet sweet pictures encompass a lot of what I am grateful for. That is life. I am grateful for life. 

I like life.

PS- all of those cute kids are not mine… But, I take claim to them.
PPS- I had the best opportunity to watch them… I learned a lot. They are pretty fantastic.