...he could be a sinner, or a gentleman


You were a good one to me Miss April. I had so much fun getting to experience you :) John turned 13. Sam turned 41. I finished up my second semester of school. I got my hair professionally did. I dissected a pig. I had just had fun. SO MUCH FUN!

Hi Bud. Thanks for being such a gem. This little man is such a beautiful soul :) The fun we had together is just fantastic. Worthy priesthood holders make my heart so so happy. Thank you Bud Mogli Pope for serving a mission. AND SISTER ESPLIN. Thanks for letting me get to love her too. 

Oink Oink Oink. This is Wilburita. I ripped her digestive/urinary/reproductive systems out. It was such a joy. 


Did you know there is such day as Assistant's Day? WELL, YES! I am grateful for my job. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn.  I am grateful for the sweetest officemates who support me and love me even though I'm 20 years younger than them :) 

Got my hair done professionally :) 
It's all blonde. 
It's so cute.
Flowy locks of hair. 

Tyler was set a part as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is to serve the people in the California, Bakersfield Mission.  

He came home for medical reasons, he'll be back out in 6 months. 

Waking up at 3:30 to take your BFF off to the airport is what you do when you love them and the gospel.  Tyty, I do love you SO MUCH. You and I hate each other a majority of the time but its the best type of hate. Thank you for being such a strong example. I love you bunches baby :) 

Oh. I turned 19. This is the delicious piece of cookie skillet that comes from Chili's. DELICIOUS.

I just like my daddy. Isn't he a funny one? Can you tell where I get my good looks from? 

My best friend Haylee Grace got her mission call. What a beautiful experience to watch her learn and grow and now serve a mission in the Idaho, Pocatello Mission Spanish speaking.  I can't wait to see the success she has. 

May is always my favorite month of the year. I think I am partial because of my birthday. Hehehe :) Not very many pictures but it was fantastic. 


School got out.  We were thrift storing. I told him I would only give him a quarter for his bubblegum if he took a picture with me.  Don't you love him? I love him. My teddybear. 

Father's Day picture 2014. We make the same faces... It makes me laugh a lot! Healer Jim is the shiz.

Every Wednesday I get to hang out with this beauty. Jarom you light up my whole life. If you ever want to laugh a whole lot... hang out with this sexy man! OW OW OW!!!

**He serenades me to this song: City and Colour - The Girl**

Once upon a time my BFF Mike told me he was getting married, remember that happened in March :) Well, I was planning on coming out to the great state for the reception but life happened and I didn't have the money for it... Sad day, right? No. That man and his family provided a way for me to come out there and spend the week in the land of the people. HOOZAH! 5 whole days of happiness. Here are just a few of the happy moments. 

Randie picked me up.  WHAT A HAPPY DAY! The first familiar face I see coming out to Utah. The only face I needed to see. She is mi soul skista. 


Lauren shellaced me. She is a good shellacer. Wanna have some shellac on your nails? 

Hannah, Lauren and Nathan. The three best friends that anyone could have. 

FINALLY meeting the Whippy. What a doll. Oh hey Scott. 
I hope :) 

The whole reason I came to the great state of love. Mike and Cindy Pelo :) 
How beautiful are they? The most beautiful.  I have never met a couple that is so grounded in the gospel, so in love, so passionate, so absolutely precious! Thank you for allowing me a tiny glance into your life Mr. and Mrs. Pelo. I love you both to forever :) 

Big Girl Lovin 904, Big Lovin 909 and Big Girl Lovin 801. BGL4LYFE. 

Provo, Utah at night time. Thank you for such a beautiful view. 

Thanks for snuggles Naphy. 

Dani-Girl is a betty and a half. 

The Osborn family is the cutest family ever! Nice smile Trav. I love your belly Sista Kitch. 

DigBum and Cupcake. 

Momma Pelo. Oh you are a lady. Thank you for loving me and accepting me into your family. I look up to you more than you could ever imagine. I love you Momma! 

Cindy, Mike and Hannah. We're his main chicks... Hahahaha! 

Miss Cindy is a beauty. She has such a spirit to her. The most beautiful spirit. 

THEN: I come home to go to lunch with Samuel Commander and my favorite Elda Fway-shuh (Elder Frazier) Sushi dates with the missionaries are the most fun! 


So far 2014 has been a wonderful year--

I have loved, lost, cried, laughed, started anew, ended some chapters, battled a few addictions, fought a tiny bit, realized my potential, struggled with pride, humbled myself, fell in love, fell out of love, realized it wasn't love, slept too much, didn't sleep enough, got into trouble at work, been appreciated, sent some letters, received some packages... 

I have been so blessed. God has given me such amazing opportunities this year.  Oh happy day. 

Want to know what the title of this blog is? 


Until so soon bloggy, I love you to pieces!! 

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