Good morning starshine, the earth says hello!

BLOG! You beautiful beautiful masterpiece, YOU!!! I have missed you so tremendously. Let's not ever split up again, okay? GOOD!

Holy heck. It has been a long 218 days since our last encounter.... 7 months and 7 whole days. WOWZERS.

Do I even need to tell you about what has been going on? Or should we just start anew? I have no idea where to even begin!!! AHHHHH!! NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL WE DO THIS TO ONE ANOTHER.

I will make it simple. I will bring up pictures from the last seven months for your viewing pleasures ;)

Welcome to the blog, Mr. December!

We just went out to dinner... Nothing special. I just love how handsome this little fella is. God blessed me too much when he gave me Johnboy. 

My hittas, my hittas. We like to go to Friendship fountain when we have nothing better to do. Corri and Sophia-- ILikeThem.


My favorite best friend came all the way from Utah for me... At least I like to think so. Look at that babe mid stride. OW OW OW!!

Sunrise Christmas morning with the very best lady known to man. 

Well hey there Christmas 2013 at the cabin.
Krysti, Hannah, Mandy and Jimi--We make our parents so proud. SO proud.

December was such a fun month.  I finished my first semester of college, I got to see my very best friend for the first time in over a year, I anticipated the start of my new job, I realized that I hate wine (I drank a glass thinking I was cool... I wash't), I laughed a lot, I cried more than I laughed. It was good to me. 


A hard month you were January.  Emotions, tension, stress, happiness, depression, excitement... So many emotions encompassed the month of January. 

Oh, Uncle Deb. You were the very best aunt that anyone could ever ask for.  This here, ladies and gents, is a woman that I love with every fiber of my being.  We found out in early November that Aunt Debbie had stage four lung cancer, needless to say, it was rough.  Two months is what we had with her before she left this mortal life for the journey beyond the veil.

This is the last picture I have with my Aunt/Uncle Deb. I wouldn't have chose any other place to be. 

**It was clear at this point that there was only hours left before Aunt Debbie's spirit left her body. Everyone was getting ready to sleep.  It was Kim, Jim, Bub, Toni, Aunt Roxi, Toni's mom and myself.  As everyone was getting beds, blankets, pillows and other things for the evening, I stepped out to call my mom.  I was only gone for about 3 minutes when I could hear someone yell my name.  As I ran down the hospice hallway to see who was yelling, I knew what was happening.  Toni's mom ushered me back into the room where everyone was standing over Deb.  Why had she waited until I left the room to pass? What a lady.**

Happier news, I got an autographed paper towel from Wayne Sermon from Imagine Dragons... THANK YOU DANI-GIRL! What an exciting piece of mail.

I fell in love with these handsome elders. Me gusts tu cara, mucho! Jk. BFF4LYFE.

Obligatory first day of work selfie :) 
I work for the State of Florida in the Agency for Persons with Disabilities.  
The BEST job that any kid my age could have!!

Do you see what I mean, now? Aunt Debbie died on the third of January and I started work on the thirty-first of January.  It started terribly sad but ended fantastically. 

PS- Thank you Lauren. You are a gem. Perhaps my saving grace for the month of January.

Nothing lovely happened in the month of February... Even though it was the month of love. Except this picture. This picture is GR8. I got so terribly sick and broke a whole bunch of tiny blood vessels all over my face.  I couldn't open my eyes much.  I slept for a solid 30 something hours. Somehow I did something to my neck. But come on... DO I LOOK HAWT?! 

I just really like how short Sister Dispain is... The missionaries are great.

OW OW OW!!! I started wearing tight skinny jeans. Why? Because, I can!!!! If you know me, you know I hate pants. But, I was feeling feisty and decided to wear these bad boys. I love them! I wear them all of the time now! 

I hate lip kisses. But man... I love my mommy. 
Why is my face so flat? Hahaha.

Mikeyboy came to see his BFF in March. ME! It was the very best to see this cutie. And it's even better when he calls you a week after this to tell you he is engaged!!! HOOOZAH!

"Why so serious?"

SOOOO MUCHHH WRITINGGG!!! This has been fun. December, January, February and March you are done. April, May, June... I'll be back for you :)

I am grateful for this bloggy. I am grateful that there are so many ways for us to preserve our past.  This is just one of the ways that I like to preserve mine.  Happy happy joy joy! 

See you SO soon :)

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