It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

"In 21 days, I will have waited over 17 months to see what happens with a certain idea, a certain bit of inspiration, a little bit of personal revelation if you must. Yes? I don't know if I'm ready though. I'm not. I know I'm not. 17 months ago I decided I want to be a certain person and act a certain way... 17 months ago I was pleading and begging the Father to let time go by quickly. Now as I sit here, I don't know if I really want this to end. This learning time that I've been experiencing.  I have grown up a whole bunch, my sarcasm is still in it's prime, but am I really prepared to embark on this new journey?"

I wrote this little snippet of life in October of 2012. BOY OH BOY-- have things changed or what? 

That Heavenly Father of ours sure does know the ways to my heart. He is the very best friend that anyone could have. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted 2 years ago. But, I didn't. I was just struck by love and wanted nothing more than to have someone love me. LAMMMMEEEE!!!! I don't need that! I don't need someone to say "Oh, Hannah, you are just so hot and I love you and it's not just because you have big boobs, I swear..." But, like any hormonal 16-17 year old, that is what I wanted.

Gag me with a spoon.

I am grateful that Heavenly Father has a plan. I've been talking about that plan a whole bunch lately... I think it's because I'm finally starting to REALLY REALLY REALLY realize that everything that the Father wants to happen, will in fact happen. It is just up to me to be ready, worthy and willing to accept His plan.

I swear I'm not just referring to being madly in love with a smokin hot babe of a man who is a worthy priesthood holder and loves snuggles and sushi as much as me... I'm just talking about the man that will be my very best friend for eternities, the man that loves Christ and His restored church more than physically possible and the man that loves me for the beautiful daughter of God that I am.

I can wait for that. I am okay with waiting.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, friends!

"With God on our side we cannot fail... we will be VICTORIOUS!"

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