Let's be real

When I was in the great state of Utah, I realized that people have funny funny accents. Like what the heck are you even saying kind of accents.  Rather than saying the word real, they say rill. Exactly how it is spelled, rill. Let's be rill. Like, are you fuh rill? It gets a tiny bit uncomfortable sometimes.  A part of you wants to laugh at the and be like "what are you even speaking, cause it isn't English" and the other part is just so tickled by the new form of the word real that you end up saying it to.  Moral of this story, I find myself saying ril instead of real... #noshame

SOOOOO----- let's be ril for a second.

I need to tell you of something that has been on my mind as of late...

An overactive imagination. I have an overactive imagination.  That is what is on my mind.

I have the ability to come up with these really interesting intricate stories in my mind and I hate it!! Because, then I get my hopes up. Then I get angry... Then I fall away. Not really, but kind of.

How do you tame such a wild beast?  Like whoa dang Hannah's brain, calm down!!

With this overactive brain, it is hard to decide what is personal revelation and what is just my brain playing tricks on me... One day, I will find out. And when I do, it will be a glorious day.


Elder crushes can suck it. 

Read this happiness. It's really just happiness. 

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