Let's talk about sex baby...

...let's talk about you and me!!!

I recently read a tiny little wordpress bloggy blog by my favorite Riley James. He is the very best. So much so that he wrote a cute little piece of literature by the title of "hell with the birds and the bees."

He talked about of how easy it is to rely on people because they are just a net.  To the twos of ya, you consider one another to be a safe haven... When in fact it is just a toxic relationship based off of a fear of moving on.

WELLLLL-- I know all to well this exact feeling.  I know what it is like to depend on people and to want to be around people just because it is the quick fix, the easy way out.  JOKES ON YOU SUCKER. I am SO done relying on people because it is easy and convenient.  Think about it, is that any fun? Nope. Not even a tiny bit.

Go out there and be adventurous.  There are people to see, places to go, love to be given.  I don't want to go through life only taking the easy road.  I want to challenge myself and experience all that it has to give.  Ya feelz? I want to meet people and show them so much love!  I want to travel and take an obscene amount of pictures.  I want to be HAPPY and not have regrets.

This life is a great one.  I am becoming who I want to become. COOL, right?

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