A day in the life....

Leave it in the comments of how lame you think my life is...

Just kidding. My life is really spectacular. I think... Kinda.

Want to hear a normal day of Hannah? Okay. HERE WE GO!!!

6:30 AM - 7:15 AM:::: Wake up
8:00 AM::: Twerk while at work.
12:00 PM::: Stop tweaking and go home.
...then the rest is history.

There is a lot of things happening in my life that are a wee bit scary. LIKE WHAT THE HECK.

The State of Florida is screwing my over.

School starts on the 25th of August. I AM PUMPED.

My friends are on missions and I reap the blessings from their service.

I have the greatest calling in the whole big bad world... I am an advisor for the Young Women. Happy day :)

Maybe I kinda like this guy. Whatevs. It's okay. I'm just going to love and support him in everything he does. Ain't nobody got time for all deez feelings. Like 4 realz.

Some people are so moody and I just can't deal.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is good to me.

Love and boobies,


PS--- Want to see some of my happiness? Goodie goodie gumdrops!!
No words needed... 

'merica. (ps-- I'm pretty sure I got lice in this very picture... HAHAHA)

He loves me, I swear.

This is how two girls spend their sacrament meetings... Holding hands and feeling the spirit. 

Hey Jimi boy! Thanks for being a real cool dude. Having you as a little brother is such a blessing. 

These are the women in my life that I love a lot.. These are just a few of them.
Jimi, Mom, Mandy, Layla, ME (where am I looking? Hahaha), Krysti, Miss Shaunna. I have the greatest sisters. 

And she is off to the land of Idaho.  Happy mission Haylee Grace. Thank you for holding my hand and loving me through these last 4 years :) Eu te amo mucho Hermana Wilemon. 

NAPOLEON!!! You are so dang cute :) 

Hi, Elder Shelty Shelt... You can't be mad at me for putting a picture up... Cause you are looking dang good baby boo ;) 

No shame selfies at work... You like my headwear? Yeah... Me too. 

Miss Victoria. I like your face. 

Welcome home Christopher :)