As I was working my little life away for the State of Florida, this morning, I decided to take a little break to write a letter. Shout out to you Riley James for letting me poor my heart out-- you're a man's man and I love you to forever times infinity.

It was with this pouring of soul into a letter that I realized that I need to calm down and just appreciate this glorious life. I say that all of the time, right? Right. Well... Let me be more specific for you. I like to compare myself to other people. It isn't a great way to do things; but, it's how I do it. I hate the fact that I have three of the most gorgeous sisters in all of forever. A few choice best friends that are pretty damn sexy... Why can't I be damn sexy? Do you catch me yet? Everything in this life is about looks. You have to be the most thin, the biggest boobied, and overall natural beauty queen to be appreciated in life. MEHHH!!!! I AM NOT THOSE THINGS SO I MUST SUCK, RIGHT? Wrong.

Looks are not everything. Let me tell you... Suckers.

I am Hannah.

I was born in the greatest month in all of the year, May.

I am a girl who is over six feet tall who is extra svelte.

I have five siblings, two mothers, one father, over nine grandparents, three nieces, a nephew, a goddaughter, too many aunts and uncles, some choice cousins, six dogs and a cat (maybe three but I don't like those other two, so we'll go with one).

I have earned scholarships and grants to pay for my schooling.

I have a 3.7 GPA.

I work for a state agency.

I have a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am witty.

I am sarcastically brilliant.

I only but TOMS in hopes that I really am helping a child in need.

I am great.

Today, I caught the feelz. The feelings of love and appreciation for all things glorious and bright. I caught the feelings of Father's love for me and approval of my life. I am no longer trying to live my life according to my surroundings, I have no need to impress you.  I am pretty great just the way I am.  Fat, tall, green eyed, pigeon toed, gap teethed, fingernail biting, skirt wearing, lover.

I'm a lover not a fighter. Thus, I am no longer go to fight myself.


Keep calm and take a selfie, you'll feel better... I promise. 

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