Sad heart

Here is a tiny little secret for you.

I have this crazy thing called anxiety. Don't worry, you can't catch it.

It's a hard thing to deal with. The overwhelming feelings of panic, fear, uneasiness, sadness, anger... It's a real mental illness, peeps-- and I get to live it every day. Every. Damn. Day. It creeps up on you without warning, it shows it's ugly face in the worst of times, it triggers other problems, it sucks. Plain and simple.

HOWEVEEEEERRRRR... It's a tiny blessing.

1) it's comforting to know that Heavenly Father loves me enough to give me such a terrible obstacle to overcome

2) I have an excuse for my craziness... many women don't

The beautiful moment when you are able to go into a crowded room and not feel like every single person is judging you, that you're not good enough to be there and you don't have to use humor as a crutch, that my friends, is a great day. Normal to everyone else... But a great victory for us anxious people.

Life is beautiful. So are you. Don't forget it.

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