Sugar Honey Iced Tea

Well, shoot.

I didn't want this to happen. Not even a tiny bit. I'll just be over here listening to this. Over and over and over and over... Until... Forever.

Why are boys so dang confusing?!?!

I just want to be in love already. NO. I'm lying to you. I don't want to be in love, I want a man to appreciate me. I want him to be my very best friend where there is a great potential that love could blossom. I want to be able to send "good morning, cupcake" texts to a delectable young man and know that he is smiling so brightly because of it. I want to know that I am more than just someone to be used. I want to know what makes him tick. I want to take long drives going nowhere with the windows down.  I want him to appreciate my attempt to understand sports... | Healer Jim has taught me a little about a lot, yet I still know nothing | I just want to experience life with another person... that I love.

But, that won't happen. Not even in the infamous marriage hungry LDS church. Why?

"Hannah, you have such a pretty face."
"If we weren't best friends, you'd be my type."
"Why do you have to be so tall?"
"We can go out but on the other side of town." (you'd be surprised ow many times of heard this one)
"You have such a sweet spirit."
"Hannah, I really need to tell you something... I... I just really... I just really like... NOT YOU." Oh who is not you? Don't worry, just your best friend.

Oh, Hannah... You have such a pretty sweet spirit face.

Looks are everything. My feelings do get hurt. I'm human. But, I like you... & the gospel is true. That's all I need.

Peace and Boobies,


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