sucker punch to the face.... with a chair... made of lava.

How does that sound? Really dreamy? Yeah... Thought so, punk.

First things first, I'm the realest.

T-minus one month until I'm in the motherland breathing in her sweet aroma. YEEEE YEEE YEE!! I can't even wait. #utahimcominhome

But on the realsies. I have a lot of pressing things going through my mind:

1. It's Monday.
2. My ovaries and uterus are fighting baby velociraptors in my body.
3. I've gotten two... TWO... emails from the sweetest young men this morning. CJBrannen and DWBonaro--- word up boyz, I lurv you (Janet Bennett, if you are reading this, they BOTH want you to right them).
4. I'm drinking pineapple juice, not from concentrate, and its yummers.
5. I only have a three day work week.

Just kidding. I'm not that simple. I wish that was everything that compromised the mind of Hannah.... Life would be so sweet and innocent.

It has come to my attention, within the last few weeks, that I am young. Amma right? Right. And, I'm sure that it is easy to gather that I just want to be loved. Right? Right. WELLL lemme tell you something, that is no longer my mindset.

Why do I want to spend time with things that are not of the upmost importance right now? School, family, callings, work... THOSE are the things that are important. Not some silly boy who I think is cute and would help me in the process of producing rather delightful little children. No.... That isn't what I need to be focusing on right now.

Ladies and gents, if you pray to the Father, he will answer you. He will help you straighten your priorities out and give you the strength, hope and joy that comes from following HIS plan. OH HAPPY DAY!!!

Now, please enjoy this poem that I had to write last summer for my creative writing class...

Sitting, patiently waiting, passion brimming.
Ready to erupt—a pressured volcano.
Closing in, my thoughts now jumbled.

Is this the beginning of the magical end?
Shall we sit here anticipating a dread filled love?
A pathetic attempt at something deemed so just and beautiful.

 Innocence lost, the will of the carnal man has won.
Drifting in and out, lust and love thought of as one.
Dread gnawing at the beat of this desolate heart.
Is that steamy or what? It's like I have had some experience or something? Orrrr you just didn't realize that I had the hidden talent of writing extremely deep and sexually driven poems.
Bow chicka wow wow ;)