Near and Dear

I have changed my mind as to what I want to say at least 3 times this morning; but, I know whatever I say is what is needed on this quaint little blog of mine. Whatever is written in the space below is indeed so very near and dear to my heart... It is what makes me Hannah and for that, I am grateful.
Words aren't coming to me. I have nothing worthwhile to say. So, I will go with my natural instincts.

|| Jesus Christ ||
is my happy
 I just love my Savior, Jesus Christ, so very much. I KNOW more than anything in this whole big wide world that He is the Savior of the world. He loves us. He wants us to turn to Him and RUN as fast as we can to the safety of His embrace. Isn't that the most beautiful knowledge in the world? To know that we have such a loving and perfect big brother, best friend, and confidant to always be there when we need help?
These past couple of weeks my heart has been heavy, my body hurty, my mind busy and my feelings jumbled. I have been dealing with the very lows of depression and anxiety. But, He takes away the hurt. He takes away the frustration. He heals the sad heart. He allows for changes to be made. He helps me to become the very best Hannah I can. Depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, anger, annoyance, sadness, pain, loneliness... HE TAKES IT ALL!!!
Through our Savior's love and His infinite Atonement, I am healed.
I am so blessed.

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