Happy Anniversary Hannah


A whole year is done and I am a whole year older.  TWENTY.  20. Two Zero.  I’m not even mad…. Not at all.  Actually, I’m just really emotional about it.  I get emotional over pretty much anything and everything, but for some reason this little blip of life is really hitting me. HARD. 

This birthday weekend was one for the books.  It was full of broken down cars, sweet lessons at church, a Priesthood Blessing, a nail in a brand new tire, messages from the most precious friends and family, MOSH, skipping work, facetimeing my favorite Sister Wilemon, a sad broken chocolate cake, dog sitting, an Eagle Scout court of honor, bra shopping, tears, a nacho bar, snuggles with my mommy, shopping and most importantly, the Spirit.   

I know you are sitting there wondering how on earth all of ^THAT^ could happen in 3 days, but it did.  ALL OF IT.  And, I wouldn’t change it for a moment.

Thank you all for the beautiful test messages, voicemails and Facebook posts.  I am certainly the most blessed girl in all of America.  You, ALL, know how to make a sad heart happy J

As I sit here and reflect on this beautiful life of mine, I am reminded how blessed I really am.  Instagram is, and will always be, my favorite social media outlet.  I have gathered every picture that I have posted since my last birthday & posted them below.  It is amazing to see how much I have changed, the kids have changed, and life in general has changed from then to now. 

Happy 20th Anniversary to you, Mother Earth.  My time with you has been nothing short of absolutely fantastic. 

Happy 20th Anniversary to you: Mother and Father and Step Mother and Sisters and Brothers and Brother in Laws and Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles and Cousins.  Being able to be in YOUR family and love YOU is such a blessing.  Each of you are so different and I am grateful for that.  Each of you has a different thing to teach me.  You just offer so much for me to love!

Happy 20th Anniversary to you, Hannah.  I can't wait for all of our many more adventures and nonsense that we get into... [ talking to myself? not creepy at all (; ]

My lyfe B lyke--
||side note--the pictures are all out of whack...this is not the order in which they happened|| 

God is good and I am blessed. Here is to being an adult and doing adult things.

PS—Ask me how I can relate Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to YOU and God’s will.  It’s pretty spectacular.  I may even write a little post around the very idea.  HA!