hope in humanity & a whole bunch of feels & some time

These last few days, I’ve been all up in the feels.  Not the normal “oh, I’m so sad” feels but the “there are seriously good people in the world” feels. 

For those who don’t understand what feels are [even though I use the term far too often for you not to know… cuz itz a dang g00d werd], Urban Dictionary explains it as: “A wave of emotions that sometimes cannot be adequately explained.”

So the feels.  I have been in the feels.  How so?  Well, my heart has been filled with an overwhelming appreciation and love for those individuals who do what is morally right even when it seems like the world is promoting the complete opposite.

Again with a handy definition, moral[ly] according to Merriam-Webster is-
  1. : concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior
  2. : based on what you think is right and good
  3. : considered right and good by most people : agreeing with a standard of right behavior

So my idea of what is morally correct is probably much different than YOUR idea.  But that’s the good thing about agency and tolerance.  Each of us has the opportunity to choose how we want to live, act, love, work, sing, talk, dress… And each of us has the opportunity to be tolerant and be willing to accept feelings, habits and beliefs that are different from our own.

However, I hope what I’m about to say is not just what I think as being morally correct but rather a universal idea that everyone, especially you and I, can agree on.

Karim Metwaly is the curator of the YouTube channel AreWeFamousNow.  A majority of the videos that he posts are funny and lighthearted; however, he has a section titled “Touching Videos.”  There you will find the video—Lonely Homeless Man. 

Rather than explaining this 3 minute and 39 second video, I recommend you take the time to watch it for yourself.

“You’re definitely alive, you’re breathing and that’s all that matters.  You’re just as important as anyone else out here.”  The tears welling in my eyeballs definitely escaped after Karim made the above statement.  Why?  Because it is so true.  So true to the point where I am ashamed that I don’t live my life everyday according to that statement.

Time is not guaranteed to us.  There are things that happen every single second of every minute of every hours of every day of every year.  It is so easy to say, I know I do, "don't worry, I have time!" OR "there is always next time."  But that isn't always the case.  Sometimes there isn't a next time.  Are we spending our time wisely?  Taking the opportunity to show love, support and uplift someone else?  Or are we aimlessly walking through life avoiding other people who society [or ourselves] has deemed as “not the norm.” 

Where this video focused on the friendship that was garnered between a young man and homeless man, the idea is universal.  Religion, sexuality, race, gender, education level, work experience, height, weight, hair color—it is universal.


Are we walking around with hard hearts not being open and loving to those who are different than us?  Are we casting judgement before we truly know the individual? 

I know I’m not.  But, 

I am t r y i n g.  

I am trying to be that change.  I am trying to be more understanding and tolerant to others.  I am trying to be the person that sits down next to someone who is dealing with a situation different from my own and getting to know the person behind the difficult circumstance.  

That, dear friends, is why I have been in the feels.  That emotion I've been feeling in my little girl heart, that I wasn't able to explain before, is now explainable.  It is God confirming to me that my thoughts as of late are where they need to be.  No one is ever too far gone or different to be loved. J

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