I’m over here trying and pleading to talk to you but you just won’t listen.  Isn’t that the most frustrating thing in all of forever?  When you are trying to get someone’s attention and they just won’t listen? 

I’m not talking about the instances when you are in the car and your mom is so engrossed in driving that she doesn’t hear you calling her so you have to do a quick little snap in her face, refer to her as her given birth name and ask if she’s listening…

I’m talking about the repetitive seeking out, constantly bringing something up, even apologizing for bringing it [whatever it may be] up so many times. 

I'm talking about the look in your eye that somehow has a voice of it's own and is screaming for help.

I’m talking about the major life issues that you just want someone to notice. 

I’m talking about the problems and struggles that you are evidently dealing with that *no one* notices. 

**Maybe I shouldn’t use such blanket terms like “no one” because there are definitely some choice people out there who are the most darling of gems**

I’m talking about those instances when you are dealing with something [that is important to you] and the one person you want to talk to AND have notice you is blind to the situation.  They are so consumed with their own life that they don’t have the time and patience for you and what you may be struggling with.
At what point do you take a step back and realize they don’t want to be there.  For so long you have held onto the hope that they will come running towards you with open arms to embrace you and help you.  But it hasn’t happened.  It won’t happen.

I think it is important to ask yourself. 

Are you the person with broken promises to be there during thick and thin?  Are your blinders up to the needs of those around you because you are so engrossed with yourself? 

Are you that person? 

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