BUT REALLY…SURPRISE.  I like to create things with words and then put it on the inter web for everyone to take advantage of my vulnerability and judge me.  With that, and my extreme lack of not caring [or extreme care, but I’d never tell you] I hope you enjoy this little piece of poetry ;)

PS-It was created to be read angrily.  Kind of like smash poetry.  SO----GET ANGRAYYY!

PPS-I understand the rhyming isn’t consistent…But are your thoughts ever REALLY consistent?  Or do you bounce back and forth [in your mind and outside of said mind] between sincere questioning, overwhelming anger and then defeated understanding and maybe back to anger?  This is very much so similar to that train of thought.
What exactly would it be if two young, covered in dumb,
teenagers didn’t fall in love?
In essence, there would be no me.
The thought is already there, burning holes of distress
upon the mind of the severely oppressed.
Hate being the driving motive which guides.
Anger that you can no longer hide.
You promise it’s not me, but how can that be?
Stuck in the middle of the petrifying battle,
The only one suffering is ME.
Do you not care to see that every spiteful word cuts?
Though never directed at me,
I’m just the vessel which carries the overwhelming animosity.
Deep within flesh, but never visible to the eye.
A young girl’s heart shattered and tattered
The lost love her parents no longer search for
controlling any relationship that ever might be.
How can she see that it isn’t about her?

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