|| One day, I can't tell you when, I came across a little gem of a website by the name of  ||

Their about section states...

"Soul Anatomy is an organization devoted to dissecting what it means to be human.  We are a digital medium facilitating personal growth through ideas, conversations and community.  We publish original content that merges Western Psychology, Eastern Philosophy and personal narrative.
  We are the platform for Soul Space, a forum set up to connect people who are like-minded, or are going through similar issues, to seek counsel, opinion, or just support from friends around the world."
Here late, this website has become such a comfort to me and my weary soul. 
I'm coming to terms with the fact that this happy façade that I have been living behind for so long [forever] is crumbling down.  The fake happiness and emotions that I have been presenting are exactly what I said, fake.  But, that is no longer.
It is a long and slow process, but I am FINALLY willing and ready [already started] to embark on the journey.  I want to feel genuine happiness and real love.  I want to no longer be the one giving off the negative vibes but instead focus more on the positive energy and sharing it with everyone.  I want to serve, love, live, cherish, appreciate, smile, laugh, lead, teach, learn, praise!  I want to share the gifts and talents I have been blessed with, with others.  I want everyone to know the REAL unedited raw Hannah.  But first, I need to find her.  I need to figure out--
Watch the pieces start to fit. 

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