I'm sorry.

Dear you:


I'm not too sure how to start an apology letter; I haven't written very many of them.  This one is long overdo.  In fact, it should have come to you years ago--but, I'm just now mustering up the courage to get it all out there and own up to everything.

No use in wasting time, lets get on with it.

For a long time I resented you.  I thought you were a worthless excuse of a human being that didn't deserve happiness or love... I don't think, I ever thought you deserved much of anything.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry that I was so insecure; I bullied you as a sense of relief and release from pain.

You took every hurtful and hateful thing I ever said and you accepted it. I would scream at you, belittle you, frighten you, threaten you.  I tried everything in my power to tear you down.  And, I was successful.  You believed me.  You didn't fight it or try to defend yourself, you just accepted it.  You never led on that you were hurting at the grips of someone else, you maintained that facade... That's what I wanted.  I wanted you to hurt and not have anyone see your pain.  Suffer in silence.

Oh, how I was wrong.  The things that I said and did to you were, and will always be, inexcusable.

I'm sorry.

It has taken some time, and a lot of work, but I now realize that you are a fantastic person that is full of so much love for the world!  I was so wrong. You are a strong, independent, kind, compassionate, intelligent and beautiful human being.  Don't underestimate how loved you are.  By others and especially by me.

Hannah, you are a gem.  You are a far better person than you give yourself credit for.  So, do that, start taking credit for how lovely you are.  You deserve nothing but happiness and I want to make sure you get it.

I'm sorry for the years of torment and pain I caused. I. Love. YOU!

Best wishes,


PS: I know this isn't as extravagant and beautiful it should be; but, it's a start.

This journey of "self love" sounds cliche and silly, but it is working.  I'm learning to love myself a little more everyday. Almost as much as I love YOU!

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  1. I also want to apologize, for not standing up for you when that bully tried to tear you down, also for not being there when I should have, for not seeing the things that I should have, for not answering the phone or returning calls, for taking you for granted, for not doing the simple little things like just saying I love you every chance that I had. It has also taken me some time to realize something that I already deep down inside knew, that you are a Beautiful, caring, intelligent , funny, INCREDIBLE human being that I am so blessed to call my daughter and that I Love so much and am so Proud of, and proud of the Woman that you have become and how you continue to grow more and more everyday. The world is so much better of a place with you in it Hannah. I love you with all my being and can't wait to continue to do a better job well trying to be a better me and a better dad. I love ya kid!! You lift me up Everyday😘😘😘💕