Why, oh why, OH WHY, did I ever quit blogging??  It was such a beautiful way for me to get thoughts out, keep memories preserved, and entertain.  Cuz, let's face it... I'm dang funny and YOU like reading these stupid things.

It ain't no joke how much I like lists.  So, I feel it only natural to type a list of all of the magical things that have happened in the past year.  Since June 2015 was the last time I graced my bloggy blog with words. It may take a while, but we will start right now [Fri Jun 3, 4:41 PM].  & because I am the absolute worst, this list probably def won't be in order.  Just as things pop into my brain I'll list em out.
  • drove from Florida out to California.
    • WHY? Because, I was able to see the most beautiful bride [shout-out JHoll] right after she married the love of her existence [shout out Mr. SHoll]
  • started seeing Carol, a DBT therapist
    • DBT [dialectical behavioral therapy]--
      • designed to help people change patterns of behavior that are not helpful
      • works towards helping people increase their emotional and cognitive regulation by learning about the triggers that lead to reactive states and helping to assess which coping skills to apply in the sequence of events, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to help avoid undesired reactions 
      • assumes that people are doing the best they can but are either lacking the skills or influenced by positive or negative reinforcement that interfere with their ability to function appropriately 
  • lost 50 pounds
    • WWW: Weight Watchers Works
    • If you haven't noticed, that's okay... I don't even notice it
  • started working full time [40 hours] with the State of Flow-ride-uh.
  • was released from my dream calling [YW]
    • only to be called to my real dream calling [primary, shout out to my girls!]
  • got 4 blood transfusions because my anemia was... cray
  • purchased an iPad
  • went through the temple and took my own endowments out
    • interested to learn more? I got yo back!
  • strengthened some choice friendships
    • shoutout to my numba ones from day one
      • hi, emily *insert heart eye emoji & hand emoji that is waving*
    • shoutout to some of my new favorites 
      • Thursday lunch dates with you make my world go round 
      • & sending awkward instavideos back and forth wit you make my whole heart happy... hoodclips?
      • finally, YOU are wise beyond your years and I just adore having you as a constant in this crazy family
        • ps--can't wait to see me before you, with you
  • started a book collection of classic books bound in beautiful flex-fabric [amazon, holla]
  • got new glasses that are purple and so hip
  • started working towards a more positive and productive relationship[s] with my parent[s]
  • through family history, I learned that William Shakespeare and I have the same grandmother
    • still waiting on my cut of the money, Bill
  • cried a lot. like.... a lot, a lot
So much more happened.  REALLY.  SO MUCH.  

Like: being on the news, turning 21, getting my hairs done, wearing pants, getting my nails done regularly, reading books SO MUCH, realizing the gospel of Jesus Christ is more than just talk [don't talk about it boy, be about it!], being terribly sick for a good majority of 2016 [who am I kidding, all of 2016], bought $30 mascara and I've come to terms with a lot of negatives from my past.

It has been a productive year since the last time I wrote on this darling little blog of mine.  I hit my lowest low in the past year and can say, confidently, that I am now living my highest high.  Despite being so terribly tired, agitated, frustrated and annoyed with my body, I am happy.  I am blessed. 

I'm making the commitment to myself to blog more.  About anything & everything.  Not necessarily for you, but for me.  I need this. 

Love ya like the longest love song, baby!  


  1. I wish I could kiss both of your cheeks right now. I always have, and always will be SO DING DANG proud of you. From the minute you walked into my classroom I have considered you a sort of mini-me. (No offense!) You've always had my heart <3

  2. You. Just. Completely. Rock. And. I love you. Extremely much, super duper crazy proud of you, for SO many things, but especially for being true to yourself. BC you're seriously awesome. Increasingly. Wish I saw you more! Lots of prayers, you can do anything you decide to do HanMc!